Thursday, January 10, 2013

The new method is fast to learn English

The new method is fast to learn English

Scientists do not cease to amaze us with new achievements and developments. Now here developed a revolutionary new method of learning foreign languages.

If you have already decided in their desire to learn English, then it remains to choose the manner and method of the study of the language and become the carrier of English speech. We continue to publish articles about what are the methods for the study of foreign languages, in this case English. Issledovatelny Scientific Institute of Psychology and development capabilities, has developed a unique method of learning foreign languages, which is more efficient than the classic twenty times.

This method is fundamentally different from the conventional method, and to a greater extent based on the fact that in the process of education is training of motor speech and auditory skill and involve all the reserves of the human memory.

You even can not imagine imagine memorizing words is at an incredible speed! Hundred words in five hours or 2000 words for 100 hours, and it is memorizing with excellent skills in speaking, vocabulary and perfect pronunciation. This method is quite similar to other already known methods. It is based on fundamental laws of human memory, then do not use the principles of NLP, the effect of the 25-th frame and other techniques that affect the subconscious of the human brain, even bypassing it will.

Using this method in practice, you could have a 35-40 days to become a great interpreter or guide, even if you had not known a single word in English.

To make it more clear, briefly explain what happens in the days of training: it is divided into three stages.

In the first ten days of learning takes place in the so-called household level. Already, even at this point, you could safely go to different countries and to communicate freely with the citizens who speak English, you would be able to talk to the vendors in the store, with taxi drivers, with the employees of banks, airports and hotels.

The second phase, which also lasts for 10 days, allows you to get the knowledge of the language at a conversational level. After the second level, you will have the opportunity to communicate with native English speakers on various topics, about politics, about the weather, about hobbies and your hobbies.

In the third and final stage, which lasts 15 days, your vocabulary will be such that you could already work with language at a professional level! By the way at this stage of training, you would be able to learn a language is subject, according to their preferences and desires, and can be the basis of their profession.

Even if for some reason you doubt their capabilities, this method will allow to develop your skills. This method allows you to develop a comprehensive human memory. Because, unlike most other methods that focus on memorization of foreign language, this method improves the function of the human memory, this method relies exclusively on natural natural properties of the brain and therefore perfectly affects levers that are responsible for improving your memory.

Incidentally, in the memory of human life is of great importance, it is one of the main functions of intelligence. And the memory is very connected with the mind, it always reflects the general state of mental activity. Scientifically proven that a trained memory always affects the speed and sharpness of thought.

Research in neuroscience have revealed that the development of memory and the general state of mind is directly related to the amount of information processed by the human brain, and it is very much related to the study of foreign languages, particularly English. The human brain is capable of without special effort to assimilate information, 10 times more than usual. Memory training it's not one-sided, but a complex mental process.

However, you do not think that you will be able to learn English is not very easy while making no effort. Efforts still need, namely to engage in systematic and do not miss a single class. And these efforts will be in vain, after 45 days you will be perfectly fluent in English, at the level of a professional guide. But it's worth it!

After the training, thanks to this method, you would be able to take the exam in any U.S. college, you could work a guide to go abroad as a tourist, and get a high-paying job. And even at home, you could get a prestigious position with a high salary, and potentially make a fantastic career.

Perhaps this is not even all of your benefits, knowing the English language, you will always be well-informed on all fronts, because thanks to your knowledge, you will be able to read magazines, newspapers and Internet pages in English.

This method is unique for two factors: first, because it's super fast method of learning the English language, and secondly, because this method is a complex man and improves memory and mental abilities.

However, no matter what method you choose not the most important - it is to succeed. A knowledge of the English language you no doubt this will help!