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The new method is fast to learn English

The new method is fast to learn English

Scientists do not cease to amaze us with new achievements and developments. Now here developed a revolutionary new method of learning foreign languages.

If you have already decided in their desire to learn English, then it remains to choose the manner and method of the study of the language and become the carrier of English speech. We continue to publish articles about what are the methods for the study of foreign languages, in this case English. Issledovatelny Scientific Institute of Psychology and development capabilities, has developed a unique method of learning foreign languages, which is more efficient than the classic twenty times.

This method is fundamentally different from the conventional method, and to a greater extent based on the fact that in the process of education is training of motor speech and auditory skill and involve all the reserves of the human memory.

You even can not imagine imagine memorizing words is at an incredible speed! Hundred words in five hours or 2000 words for 100 hours, and it is memorizing with excellent skills in speaking, vocabulary and perfect pronunciation. This method is quite similar to other already known methods. It is based on fundamental laws of human memory, then do not use the principles of NLP, the effect of the 25-th frame and other techniques that affect the subconscious of the human brain, even bypassing it will.

Using this method in practice, you could have a 35-40 days to become a great interpreter or guide, even if you had not known a single word in English.

To make it more clear, briefly explain what happens in the days of training: it is divided into three stages.

In the first ten days of learning takes place in the so-called household level. Already, even at this point, you could safely go to different countries and to communicate freely with the citizens who speak English, you would be able to talk to the vendors in the store, with taxi drivers, with the employees of banks, airports and hotels.

The second phase, which also lasts for 10 days, allows you to get the knowledge of the language at a conversational level. After the second level, you will have the opportunity to communicate with native English speakers on various topics, about politics, about the weather, about hobbies and your hobbies.

In the third and final stage, which lasts 15 days, your vocabulary will be such that you could already work with language at a professional level! By the way at this stage of training, you would be able to learn a language is subject, according to their preferences and desires, and can be the basis of their profession.

Even if for some reason you doubt their capabilities, this method will allow to develop your skills. This method allows you to develop a comprehensive human memory. Because, unlike most other methods that focus on memorization of foreign language, this method improves the function of the human memory, this method relies exclusively on natural natural properties of the brain and therefore perfectly affects levers that are responsible for improving your memory.

Incidentally, in the memory of human life is of great importance, it is one of the main functions of intelligence. And the memory is very connected with the mind, it always reflects the general state of mental activity. Scientifically proven that a trained memory always affects the speed and sharpness of thought.

Research in neuroscience have revealed that the development of memory and the general state of mind is directly related to the amount of information processed by the human brain, and it is very much related to the study of foreign languages, particularly English. The human brain is capable of without special effort to assimilate information, 10 times more than usual. Memory training it's not one-sided, but a complex mental process.

However, you do not think that you will be able to learn English is not very easy while making no effort. Efforts still need, namely to engage in systematic and do not miss a single class. And these efforts will be in vain, after 45 days you will be perfectly fluent in English, at the level of a professional guide. But it's worth it!

After the training, thanks to this method, you would be able to take the exam in any U.S. college, you could work a guide to go abroad as a tourist, and get a high-paying job. And even at home, you could get a prestigious position with a high salary, and potentially make a fantastic career.

Perhaps this is not even all of your benefits, knowing the English language, you will always be well-informed on all fronts, because thanks to your knowledge, you will be able to read magazines, newspapers and Internet pages in English.

This method is unique for two factors: first, because it's super fast method of learning the English language, and secondly, because this method is a complex man and improves memory and mental abilities.

However, no matter what method you choose not the most important - it is to succeed. A knowledge of the English language you no doubt this will help!

4 Ways to Learn English

4 Ways to Learn English

Knowledge of English in our time is an integral part of any successful person. And each of these people learned English "our way." There is no magic "formula" by which anyone can learn English in a matter of days. This article will discuss ways of learning the English language, namely, school, private tutor, online tutor, audio and video courses.

Let's start with the most banal - school. Almost every person first begins to learn English is in school. Big disadvantage of this education is that only about 20% of the graduates speak English at a fairly good level (PS: this does not include the percentage of schools with an English bias). The positive feature is that almost all schools, English is a compulsory program and therefore taught for free.

Next in line private tutor. Of all the ways I have suggested, I would suggest that it is most effective. Dignity and the reason for the high efficiency is that the classes are mainly carried out individually. The downside is the same, what do you spend just a huge pile of money.

The next item is an online tutor (eg skype tutor). If the previous two ways I personally familiar, the online tutor skype to me that something novel new. Person offering this type of training should be a minimum of mega qualified and well-known expert, but otherwise hardly anyone - or to resort to this method of learning. Also note that the Qualified tutor, the more it will cost you a service, and this price will not include high-speed Internet.

The last point is an audio video courses. This type of training is suitable for both beginners and those who want to improve their language skills. The advantage of this course is that it is always on hand in the headphones. You can learn absolutely everywhere for a run on the bus, at lunch, etc. Well, if we talk about the shortcomings, it is finding an effective course that will suit you best.

In conclusion I would like to add that is important is not the way of training, and desire. No great desire to be able to help you even upscale teacher. I also want to say that we should not only learn one way. While preparing for FCE, I enjoyed the tutorial Dragunkina, although it studied English at school 6 years and 3 years worked with a tutor.

English teaching children-first error Parents

English teaching children-first error Parents

English teaching children in a school with a traditional curriculum usually starts with learning the letters of the alphabet. You need to know what they are called and how they are written. English teaching children at home, many parents are also trying to start with the alphabet. Herein lies the root of many problems. English teaching children started strans.gifneosmyslennogo memorization alphabet can only lead to the fact that the child will quickly lose interest in the learning process, and all the efforts of teachers and parents will be in vain. English tutor for children, conducting individual sessions, usually offers the student an alternative program that is interesting to the child, as he remembers the words and phrases in the game, and after a few lessons they can apply in practice to the great delight of her.

English teaching children is to teach children to speak, read and write in a foreign language. But if you start teaching English to children memorization alphabet, learning to read is much more complicated, because the child does not yet know almost no English words and phrases, and they have to learn to read. At best, the result of such employment child perceives a foreign language abstract. And the letters exactly with all of their names, in pairs, the "big-small", and printed versions of uppercase spelling for the novice student is very difficult to remember. It turns out that the teaching of English children, coming to such a program, does not lead to high achievement of the child, in addition, the young student quickly loses all interest in learning a foreign language and takes as another science, not interesting and useful exercise.

English teaching children must necessarily begin with the study of the most simple and obvious words, such as mother, sun, water. Only when the child will surely know how to strange foreign language he heard the familiar words, when it would be easy to get used to and accept them, then you can show them what they look like in writing. English tutor for children usually try first classes were held only in oral form, it teaches the child to greet, say goodbye, shows him with English words and names are the things that surround the child every day. English teaching children, especially learning to read, of course, is different from learning to read and talk in their native language of the child. It is more difficult, because the child hears impermanent foreign language, so it's hard to compare them with those letters, which he sees on paper. English tutor for children should make the most of the opportunities and the lessons for the child to perceive the English language to hear and distinguish individual sounds, then it will be easier to correlate them with the letters after he begins to study angliyskiyalfavit, and whole words on paper, when he starts to learn to read foreign words and phrases

Studying and earning


Studying and earning

 this is very important and necessary aspect in everyone's life in any country. And we put a lot of effort to learn it in various ways. Nowadays there are many different opportunities for learning a foreign language courses for language learning CDs, cassette tapes, you can study at universities, schools and with tutors, even with the 25th frame. But in order to get a good result should be a wealth of patience and focus languages ​​no less than 2-3 hours each day, on a mission to practice, learn grammar and learn new words. Not everyone have the patience and skill in language learning, as people know grammar, but still can not cross the language barrier. Learned the language and knows it, even wrote on the test papers fine, but when you just need to talk on any subject, then immediately there is a lot of difficulties. And if you do not get a job, which is connected with the study of the language, the passage of time and with no communication skills, it will be forgotten, even if you are very well aware
There is one very good way to explore and deepen the knowledge of the language at the level of conversation with native speakers, as well as to speak the language and it is not to think about, especially if you decide to associate it with his future career. It is also a very great opportunity to see the world, learn the culture of other countries, to find new friends and acquaintances. You have a great experience on the rest of your life, a unique experience, and will live for one or two years in the country of your dream or where you have to go a very long time.
To realize his dream program will help AU-PAIR
This cultural and language program for international youth exchange. The main goal - to improve the knowledge of a foreign language and touch the culture of the country. AU-PAIR word from the French - "equal." This means that for a while you become a member of a particular family, which invites you to her. You will have your rights and responsibilities. Your responsibilities may include childcare and most simple chores. The family itself will provide you and give you everything you need - a private room, meals, tickets and pocket money. And arrange for you an opportunity for you to attend language courses and participate in cultural activities. That's the way, you and you will learn the language. For example, I want to tell you about my acquaintance. He has 3 years of learning the language in high school. I can not say that he was not involved and did not learn the language. But over time, he realized that he could not speak freely in this language, and he constantly had to translate something in mind, but it took a lot of time. Then his sister decided to submit the documents and went to Germany. And nothing wrong with that, it had not been abducted into slavery, and it does not perform the hardest work. A year passed, she returned to Germany and spoke in German is much better than my friend after high school, and although her main language was French.
After a while, my friend also went to Germany. He never regretted anything, for all the time he spent in the country. He talked and he liked the language. He gets a free and properly talk, and even think in that language. For all the time he visited the most beautiful places in Germany, he met with all the participants of this program. He did not have to miss, and a whole year passed negligible. My friend until then rewritten and maintained good relations with the family. A German exams in high school passes with flying colors.

Vocabulary and language skills


Vocabulary and language skills

Any language dictionary contains about 300,000 words. This fact for a beginner to learn the language is interesting in so far as. The main principle for a reasonable study of language must have at to learn more words, and to do so as better.

There are different ways to learn a language. Stop on the way, which is the complete opposite of those methods that are focused on the study of a large number of words.

There is no doubt that the study of the vast number of words in a short time, enjoy people, after a few days they will forget.

Better if the training program will be designed so that at the end of a certain stage of the pupils will know fewer words well, than it will be bad to remember a large number.

The misconception that the initial stage of training you need to learn as many words to learn the language more. Only the student can and must decide whether he knows the word, is good if his vocabulary in order to achieve the purpose for which he began to study a foreign language.

As the experience of approximately 400 words that are chosen correctly, can replace about 90% of the volume of the dictionary, you will use in daily communication. And in order to understand what you read, will be sufficient to know 1,500 words, and many of these words you need to know is passive.

The best option - it is the development of the words that you will be the most important as the day to take up the study of more and more new words, perhaps, and you do not need them.

In the vocabulary of speech about forty words chosen correctly, the words that are most commonly used in the construction of phrases, covering around 50% of their use in everyday speech. So, 200 words - 80%, 400 - about 90%, and 1000 words - about 95% of the vocabulary needed in everyday life. It follows that helps to understand a lot of the number of learned words and qualitative vocabulary (chosen correctly).

Calculate the percentage, of course, are not the result of mathematical calculations. Rather, they make it clear how many words you need to, engaging in dialogue, to be confident and feel comfortable. When checking in practice, it appears that if a properly chosen 400-800 words carefully to remember, you can easily feel comfortable with a simple dialogue, as they will cover almost 100% of the words, without which it is impossible to do.

Take a look at what is needed vocabulary when reading. If you choose and memorize 80 words that occur frequently, then you can understand about 50% of the simple text as 200 words - about 60%, 400 - 70% 800 - 80%, in 2000 - about 90%, and 800 words - almost 99% of the text. For example, if you read the text, which amounts to about 10 000 words (about 40 pages long), then learning the advance 400 most essential words, you will see the text of about 7,000 words out of use 10 000.

It should be remembered that the figures given in the article - approximately. It all depends on different conditions: in some cases, knowledge of 50 words will cover about 50% of the text, and in other cases, to get the same result, you need to learn three times more words.

Consider, as classified by the number of vocabulary.

Active vocabulary for basic level - 400-500. Vocabulary (active) needed to be able to explain or passive vocabulary needed to read (base) - is 800-1000 words. 1500-2000 - the active vocabulary, which is enough for everyday and for sure reading. Vocabulary of 3000-4000 words - enough to read the literature and newspapers. Free communication provides for a European reserve of 8,000 words. In practice, knowledge bόlshego word count is not necessary. When vocabulary of 8,000 words can not only communicate freely verbally and in writing, and read all kinds of books.

Vocabulary (active) of 10 000-20 000 words in their native language is characteristic of educated European, out of 50 000-100 000 words - is his passive vocabulary.

However, if you learn the vocabulary you want, it does not mean that you are free to communicate in a foreign language. The very need to learn additional methods of training to be able to speak freely. Without knowledge of "live" speech, without communicating with native speakers can not learn the language.

In the study of technical terms commonly difficulties arise, as in the majority, they belong to the international vocabulary, sounding understandable to all.

When your vocabulary consists of 1,500 words, you are free to read simple texts. With passive vocabulary 3000-4000, you are at a good level will be able to read the professional literature (technical, medical, scientific and so on) from the desired area.

The results of the studies by linguists the average citizen of Europe, having a degree, has an active vocabulary, which consists of 20 000 words, half of which he uses infrequently. A passive vocabulary - 50 000. But these figures are for the mother tongue.

There is such terminology as basic vocabulary. So, according to linguists, as required at the level of the active vocabulary of a foreign language - it is about 8000 words. No need to learn the words again and again, except for the case where the individual words are needed for certain purposes. Otherwise, the 8000 words is quite enough for a full, normal communication with people.

In practice, identified three main levels of vocabulary, which you can navigate. First - Level A - basic vocabulary (400-500 words) covers up to 90% of the use of the word in everyday speech, and 70% of plain text. Second - level B - minimal vocabulary (800-1000), is sufficient to cover 95% of the use of words in speech and 80-85% of the text. Third - level B - is the average vocabulary (1500-2000 words), which is sufficient to cover 100% of word occurrences in everyday speech, and 90% of the text.

As an example of a dictionary containing the basic vocabulary, you can cast your E. Klett. It is called «Grundwortschatz Deutsch» («basic vocabulary of German"), was released in 1971 in Stuttgart. It presented a 2000 words on each of the selected language (German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian).

So we've seen quite an easy method of learning a foreign language. If you are an acceptable method, and you have decided to learn from the above program, then good luck to you!

Why to speak English?

Why to speak English?

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​opens up a huge opportunity. You can travel, make new friends all over the world to communicate with them on social networks and via video. Think how wonderful it is, to learn something new, to visit new places and learn them, to visit new cities, to gain experience.

In the modern world, national borders melts open to people who want to travel. But to freely communicate with people, you need to know the language. To date, the international language of communication is English. It's the language spoken in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and, of course, Australia. The whole world spoke the same language and understand it. Border - just a convention, if people understand each other.

We are studying foreign languages ​​since childhood - in school, in college. Unfortunately, even such a long learning not all have enough to learn the language. Some people do not have enough perseverance, someone has got not a very good teacher, someone does not have enough desire. And then, in adulthood, we understand that yet know English, and start looking for different courses. Comes the realization that knowledge can help in business, leisure, in the play.

, Find the right course can learn English for free. The key to this discipline. Have to force myself to give a little time each day for lessons, and the results will be forthcoming. The reward will be expanding the range of communication, as it allows them to communicate with those who previously did not even know. Learn the language, you will discover a whole world. A world that is full of discoveries and new friends, new friends, new unforgettable impressions.

Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

I want to make this speech of U.S. President Barack Obama read all of the young people and thinking about their future and the future of their children.

So said Obama

We must be grateful to librarians as they - the defenders of truth and knowledge, personal information, literacy, independence of opinion and most of all, reading.

The Gospel of John begins, "In the beginning was the Word." Although the Bible refers to the symbolic meaning of this word, we understand that this is the crucial importance of language, writing, reading, communication, and books as a means of transmitting culture and communication between people.

Library - this is not only a place where books are collected here, we can always find out about great ideas and concepts that help to American history and the history of mankind to move on. That is why since ancient times all who tried to gain power, wanted to control the human mind and, therefore, sought to control the library and books. When destroyed the great library of Alexandria, limited dissemination of knowledge in the Middle Ages, books were burned or imprisoned writers from the former communist countries - the idea was to control the word, control what people hear, read and what they think. In other words, to control them and imprison, or at least imprison their minds.

It is very important to think in a time when truth and science has always been challenged by political ideologies, when the language is not used for education, and for whipping confusing when there are those who reject our schools teaching about evolution, when the false science confronts the problem global warming and funding research to save lives.

In a time when the fashion for banned books returned, libraries remind us that telling the truth is not one who shouts loudly, and one who has the right information.

We Americans are a religious nation, I am religious. Americans have discovered that our faith is not contrary to the facts, and that our freedom depends on the ability to comprehend the truth. That's what they do library.

When we persuade a child, any child, to cross the threshold, the threshold of the precious library, we forever change his life for the better. This is a big deal.

In my life, there are times when I feel lost, uncertainty, but they are inferior to the sense of excitement when I come to the library to see the book, all human knowledge is given in a certain system and available to me. I understand the importance of librarians and thank you for what you are doing. I want to work with you, I want to be sure that the libraries will remain centers of knowledge where we are free to read and discuss what we want without fear that Big Brother we will glance over his shoulder to see what we do.

Perhaps some of you have heard that I was giving a speech at the Democratic convention last summer. This caused a certain resonance. Each of those present there was to draw attention to what I say: "We do not like the FBI, popping nose in library science, regardless of whether it occurs in states that voted for Republicans or Democrats."

For years, libraries have fought for the right to privacy and our freedom. In our history, there have been dark times, when the United States did not follow their beliefs. The question "Who will fight against restricting freedom?" Remained open. Librarians have always stood for its protection. When political groups tried to censor great works of literature, you were the only ones left on the shelves of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Catcher in the Rye", defending our access to various points of view, for free information.

Since then, we have to worry about what the government is watching us in the libraries, but you get up and speak clearly about our right to privacy. You protect the most important freedom that we have, and we are grateful to you. But, in addition to gratitude, you also deserve our protection.

I worked with Republicans and Democrats, because I wanted to be sure that the Patriot Act, which helps us track down terrorists without jeopardizing our civil liberties. This is a problem that Washington has always considered only one side: either we protect our people from terrorism or defend our principles. But I do not agree with that. I am convinced that it is possible to combine both approaches. If we continue to do in the old way, it would mean that we have too little demand from ourselves and from America.

I believe that the use of new technologies, you can find the terrorists before they strike, without giving up the protection of the civil rights for which we are fighting in the first place.

I know that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies were forced to give them some librarians record reading requirements. I hope that we can work out a resolution, like some of the decisions of the House, which would require the FBI obtain search warrants from a particular judge in a particular court, like all other criminal investigations.

In the Senate, we are developing a bipartisan bill Safe Act, the purpose of which - to prohibit the federal government to dig in emails and library records of readers without permission. Issuance of such permits - this is one side of the issue, the other is that such investigations are not authorized judicial authorities, jeopardize the rights of all Americans and undermine the foundations upon which America. We do not like it.

Besides the question of federal agents prowling around our libraries, in my speech was raised another issue that caused great interest, and I want it in more detail. Did I mention that the people of Illinois, I have met, are aware that the government can not solve all their problems. And did I mention that in the old Chicago-area parents are trying to keep the tradition of educating children, tell them that at the time they were told by their parents. Children can not achieve much, until you set for yourself this very high bar, turn off the TV and do not believe that only a book of their younger years can become lighter.

Some took it as referring only to the "black" community. I believe that talking about the basic rules, the anxiety of doubt, about the care that must be common to all Americans. So I believe that if we want to give our children the best opportunities in life, if we want to open the door for them while they are young, and teach them the skills necessary to succeed in life, our most important task as citizens, as educators and parents - to make sure that every child can read and America did it well. Therefore literacy today - the main value in the knowledge system.

Why do I need to read

Just a few generations ago it was possible to come to the labor market only with a good attitude and desire to work. If you have not graduated from high school, it did not matter, because you could get a job in a factory or on a farm and still hope to find a job that would pay the bills and support the family.

But such a system in the past. The technological revolution has broken down the barriers between countries, and connected people around the world, resulting in new jobs and industries require more skills and knowledge.

Wherever create software, wherever conducted computer manufacturing, wherever conducted financial investigations, if there is the Internet, where corporations can create jobs. Countries such as China and India continue to modernize its economy and to educate their children longer and better. This leads to the fact that these children have increased levels of skills, intense competition is growing American workers. New jobs are not designed to be difficult for them to work, and to show that you already know and how quickly you can learn what you do not know. They require progressive thinking, perception of subtleties and nuances of the business and good communication.

But before our children can go to an interview for this job, fill out the forms, get the necessary level of education, they should be able to choose a book, read it and understand it. Reading - is a basic skill that makes it possible to further study, on mastery of language and understanding of our history to the discoveries in science and in technology. Without this it is impossible to become a true citizen.

In the system of knowledge is a skill necessary for survival. How can we let our children into the world, if they can only read at the fourth grade? How can we do this? I do not know. But we do this day after day, year after year. Today, one in five adults in America can not read a simple story for children. Over the past 20 years, more than 10 million Americans have finished the 12th grade, never learned to read, even at a basic level. Issue of literacy begins before high school. In 2000, only 32% completed the 4th grade were tested in reading. Things were even worse in the various quizzes on reading and reading the discussions. Children from low-income families to gain 27 points below the average reading level, and the children from wealthy families - 15 points more than the average value. Only one of the 12 white seventeen teenagers capable of reading a newspaper, understand the content of her research topic, it is important to Hispanics - one out of 50 African Americans - one out of 100.

In the new economy, teaching our children only enough so that they can read the unmodified version of the "Dick and DzheynÅ. Meanwhile, it is planned that in 10 years the average level of literacy required for all U.S. jobs will increase by 14%.

Currently, not enough to be able to read the words on the page. Be literate in the XXI century. so accurately and adequately understand the meaning of the text. And we still see that along with the children receiving school education, there are children who do not attend school. These are children and adolescents who come to the service provision spetspomoschi and refuse to work because there are required skills that they do not possess. Others turn to the next-door and find the courage to ask: "Can you read this for me? '.

We have to change our national mindset. We live in an economy in the XXI., But our school system, our family and our culture are still in positions of XX century. and in some cases the XIX century.

The government should play a crucial role in the development of skills of our children. I can not give here a list of all the activities of education reform, but I can say that all of this would be meaningless if our school system will be designed for agricultural, only passing in the industrial age of America, where there are schools in Chicago, lets students from classes at 13.30, because they can not afford to hold classes, where the teacher's work continues to be paid at a lower rate, where schools are not rebuilt and properly funded. In this situation, we can not be sure that our kids can be competitive in today's global economy. The government will have to work hard to create a first-class education system, but one thing it can not solve the problem. If we are going to set for our children high standards and show inspirational role models, each of us must be involved.

To improve the performance of schools and reform the education system, it is necessary to do a lot, but this is not the case that we can turn to a number of experts in Washington to solve the problem. We're going to start with the home, with parents, with libraries. We know that children who start learning from kindergarten, better know the language and become better readers, experiencing fewer difficulties in the future. We know the more children read at home, the better they cope with tests for reading throughout their lives. We have to invest in literacy programs in family and early childhood education, so as not to leave children with no training before they start school. We must invest in the child's hand book early and often. I know, easier said than done. Today the work of parents - still difficult profession in the world. And no one to thank parents for their work. Even their children. More precisely, especially their children, as I judge, and from personal experience.

Most of you are making great efforts, weaving between work and family responsibilities in trying to be everywhere at once. When you get home, you can try to seat the children for reading, but you have to compete with the fruits of the technological revolution - television, movies and video games, which are found in every room of your home. Children aged 8-18 years spend watching TV 3 hours a day, 43 minutes they spend reading.

Our children see these temptations, not only at home, but everywhere else - friends, on TV, in popular culture that glorifies anti-intellectualism. As a result, we have a president who boasts of his success in the computer shooter. All this affects our children. It is so easy for a child - to put the book and pay attention to something else. And it's so easy for our peace of mind - to pretend that we, seating child watch "training" film, to fulfill their parental responsibilities.

We know - it's not the right thing for our children. And as parents, we have to find the time and energy to instill in children a love of reading. Turn off the TV, we can find time to read to our children, talk to them on the read.

Library - a key tool to help parents in this. Realizing that we are under pressure and tight schedule, television culture, we still have to think bigger, as we always do in America, and find ways to put the book into the hands of children.

First printed product, which now they bring home, all the more often a prescription your doctor. It would be much better if, instead of him, and before him, they brought home a library card to the library or the first copy of the book "Good Night, Moon." I remember her for the phrase: "In the great green room there was the phone ...". I love this book.

Get the book should be as easy as rent a DVD movie or go to McDonalds. What if the children's lunch "Happy Meal" toys will be put in place of a book?

Library has a special place in our knowledge. It was and is a place where parents and children come together to read and learn. We must often take the children to the library.

We must be sure that our policy will not cover the library because they will spend a few extra dollars in taxes. Politicians prefer to give money to people who they do not want and did not even inquire about them.

Open the doors

Each of you has a role to play. You can attract more children to the library through the activities that many of you are already doing: organizing book clubs and quizzes, help with homework and promote your services in the community.

In the coming years it is our task and duty. As a librarian or a parent, each of you remember the face of the child who has read his first book. During the presidential campaign this year, a journalist from the "Chicago Sun Times" asked me to talk about the nature of my faith. It was an interesting suggestion. The reporter asked about how to develop my faith. Then she asked me an unexpected question: "Do you believe in heaven? And what sense do you mean by this term? '. I replied that I can not know what awaits us after this life, but I know that when I sit in the evening with my children three and six years, and I read them a book, and then puts them to sleep, for me it is a small island paradise , who supports me.

It was about a year ago, and now I'm interested in watching my six year old daughter (she will soon be seven), which now reads independently. While my four year-old sitting on my lap, she is bent over a book. I suggest reading it - she says she can handle herself.

And when I look at it, I am happy because I know that each of the books they read helps her potential. This applies not only to me. So it is with all parents. We most of all want to bring a sense of beauty in our children, to make available to them all the possibilities and to their question, "Who can I be when I grow up?" Answer: "To those who you want to become."

This desire is as old as America itself. From the moment when the first settlers came to these shores, generations of parents to sacrifice their children to have better opportunities. We can not know whether our children will become rich or successful, we can not know whether they will be more successful than their parents, but America can give them a chance to give each child the opportunity to try their hand.

How to Become a Successful Person Or Why We Language School?

How to Become a Successful Person Or Why We Language School?

Today we will talk on the topic of success. In particular, the successful people. Who is a successful modern man? The easy answer is - a man who achieved success. It seems to be simple and clear. But he achieved this success through what he went through to do this, what guided and what was used? And equally important, what it does once succeeded? And where is this very moment - to achieve success, to which you're still trying to do, and then you've got? I shall not provide detailed guidance on how to take and become a successful person. I just do not know, but if I knew, I probably would not be sitting in front of the monitor now and would not be writing this article. Well, even if I was sitting writing, then perhaps somewhere in the lounge bar, a casino in Monaco or in the Jacuzzi on the balcony of your room on a transatlantic liner. In this article I will provide a set of qualities and skills that a person must possess to be successful, as it were a set of tools. And he will take advantage of these 'supplies - that's another conversation. Perhaps start with education, an integral part of success. We begin to educate parents, grandparents, and then for us to take our brothers and sisters, girls, wives and mistresses, they all tell us how to behave, what to do in a given situation. But it's best to educate ourselves we are analyzing the behavior of other people in different situations, and most importantly - their actions and behavior. Why do we need to be able to conduct themselves well in society, to be able not to lose face in any situation? I think here the answer is obvious - we are still not treating successful people, and we all but those closest to look the other way, it is important to well-proven. To whom? To their teachers at school and at university, before an employee HR department for employment, to the head of his department at work. And this is just the beginning, the easy part. Then go business meetings in cafes and restaurants, the talks in the office, signing contracts, and create new singles on golf courses and tennis courts - this is where our ability to behave and perform self-control as the main tool of a successful person. We turn to education, is also quite obvious tool for success. Similarly education will teach us all since childhood - nursery schools, parents, schools and all the relatives, universities, language and other courses (more on this later) ... Again, the lion's share of education we get on their own. A successful person, as well as people to achieve success must constantly work on yourself in terms of self-education, to continuously expand their horizons, gain knowledge in various fields. Successful people can not understand the bad expensive wine, prestigious car, does not know how to play golf or tennis ... And of course, the successful person must travel a lot. Travel the world changes a person, change its mentality, attitude, views of the world. It's not just what they say, "European mentality," for example. Need to see the relevance to the lives of people of other nationalities, to plunge into the life of different people, try to understand the culture of each country visited. This knowledge will give you a huge advantage over your limited and narrow perception of the trapped world competitors, and significantly increased with your chances of becoming a successful person. So we have come to the conclusion that traveling is also a tool dostideniya success, and now we have to talk about the basic tool enabling the most out of travel - knowledge of a foreign language. Without knowledge of the language in which to communicate with the country you are visiting, you will not be able to overcome the language barrier, to immerse themselves in the culture of the country and enjoy all the nuances of this nation. Of course the languages ​​of all peoples of the world can not learn, you need to learn the basic 2.3. It is not so difficult, because the reward for these works - rosy career and the life of a successful person! You should begin with the English language, because English is a common international language of communication, it is talking half of the globe! In other words, the greatest effect in terms of expanding the geography of travel and communication will be opportunities to study it in English. Following a foreign language which is worth paying attention to, I think Spanish. Why Spanish? If English is international and is native to Britain, America, Australia, the knowledge of the Spanish adds to the list of countries in which you will feel more confident Spain and Latin America, and it is quite big already the choice of targets for travel. Conclusion - A successful person language school are oxygen.
Language school as a compulsory stage of development

In modern society, a language school for a long time is not uncommon, such a huge number of schools opened in every district of the city. And the poem I believe that the best language school vyribat at home or work. This choice will provide significant savings of your time by reducing the time spent on the road to the school. Of course, you should not run into the first written language school on the corner of your house, but not in any way reject the opportunity. Need to avoid all language schools in your area and make the right choice. SELECTION CRITERIA? First, look at the teacher, because in the first place they will teach you the language and methods of teaching, office equipment audio and video equipment - are tools for misuse any effect. But in the right hands it can all significantly affect the learning process, so I would set priorities so choose language school - the teachers, the technique prepodvaniya, equipping classrooms, training costs. Why this order? Technique in the language school is in second place because no matter how good the teacher, you have learned the wrong language teaching methods. And even with minimal equipment cabinets there is the ability to play audio material, and this is the main thing. Videos are welcome and are generally in a good language school for at least one room equipped for video viewing on the big screen. Well, about the cost of education in the school - I think it's better to pay once more, you go a second time to learn the language and spend time again. You do not forget, you want to become a successful person, and the time required for you is more important than cost money, as in a day of 24 hours, and the time can not be bought. But for a time-MANAGEMENT we'll talk next time, and seychasm summarize this article. So you've decided to become a successful person, to do this you need: a good education to be able to keep yourself in any society, a good education including knowledge of the culture of other countries and peoples, to travel to broaden their horizons, a language school to learn several foreign languages . That's all, wait for the next publication, before the meeting)

Learn English

Learn English Online

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